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What is Family Coaching?

Family coaching follows the same basic concept as all other types of coaching: guiding a person from where they are, to where they want to be.

Family coaching sessions are designed to keep disputes as rational as possible. When we let our emotions get the better of us, arguments can easily turn into shouting matches. A coach will ensure any arguments that arise between family members during a family coaching session are kept as structured, fair and valid as possible – so that everybody has a chance to have their say.

How can Family Coaching help?

Conflict within the family home can be so much more damaging and distressing than conflict at work. When we choose to start a family, we usually do so out of love. Although those initial feelings can be stifled or forgotten over time by the trials and tribulations of life, they never truly go away – and work can be done to reclaim them. So, family coaching offers a practical solution to often very personal problems.

Initially, you might feel uncomfortable with the idea of inviting a stranger into your family unit to observe how you and your family interact together. It’s an unnatural situation and it can feel unnerving to think that your life is being judged, or that you might be blamed for anything that went wrong.

But family coaches are not there to judge or to point fingers. They are there to put things into perspective so that everyone can see the situation as a whole and learn to accept the part they play. Once everyone accepts that things need to change, the whole family can think of ways to move on positively together.


Common issues Family
Coaching can help with

  • Resolving marital problems
  • Addressing work/life balance
  • Bringing up children
  • Dealing with problem teenagers
  • Dealing with life after separation or divorce
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