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CoachWale has a large network of professional coaches with years of experience. Our personalized matching system quickly and effectively match you with your ideal coach based on your unique goals, personality, and background.bore.

We start by asking you questions like "what goals you want to achieve by the end of this year" etc. Once you submit your profile, it goes to our network of professional coaches. Within 48 hours, you will be matched with up to 4 coaches whose experience and knowledge match your specific need and we will send their profiles for you to read. Once you are matched with your compatible coaches, your next step is to schedule an initial phone consultation with each one to determine who is the best fit for your particular goal. All of our member coaches offer a free, 15-minute phone call to help you decide if they are a good fit. Hire your coach!
Once you have had the free consultations, the final step is to choose a coach and start coaching.

CoachWale's coach matching service costs ₹200 for clients. Additionally, most coaches in our network offer a free 15 or 20-minute consultation with no obligation to help you decide if they're a good fit for your particular goals. Once you select a coach to work with, it's up to you and your coach to agree on payment details.
Coaches will pay CoachWale according to the plan they choose for the subscription.

Coaching fees vary considerably from coach to coach and usually depend on the coach's experience, background, and training. Generally speaking, coaches with more experience and training, charge more than beginning coaches. Most coaches, however, typically charge in the range of Rs. 500 to Rs. 20,000 per hour. Senior coaches, particularly in the areas of leadership and executive coaching, may charge substantially more, while new coaches, or coaches who are still in training, may charge less.

CoachWale is unique because our network has thousands of coaches from across the Indian sub-continent. Most coach referral services have only a few coaches, usually ten or twenty, to choose from. When you use one of these services, you're limited to selecting from coaches who are employed by that company. CoachWale is different as all coaches in our network are independent businesses; they do not work for CoachWale. Because they're independent, we can offer you an unprecedented selection in finding you the best possible coach for your particular goals, background, and budget. And because finding the right coach is so critical to your ultimate success in coaching, using CoachWale gives you the best chance of achieving your particular goals, whatever they may be.

Coaching is all about you and your goals. People who look for coaches come from a variety of backgrounds, but they all have in common a desire to achieve more in their personal or professional lives. Whether you're a college student looking to improve your grades, or an aspiring artist trying to make your mark in the art world, you'll benefit from having a coach by your side to help you turn your vision into reality.

Business coaching is the process of helping business, entrepreneur, or executive team achieve greater focus and success in the business world. Business coaches are trained professionals who find the best strategy to ensure your business succeeds using a variety of tools and techniques. There are many types of business coaching, including performance coaching, team coaching, executive coaching, and leadership coaching.

No, coaching is not the same thing as therapy. Therapy is intended to help people overcome emotional or psychological disorders. Coaching, on the other hand, is intended to help normal, healthy individuals achieve greater success, happiness, and wellbeing in their lives. We strongly advise you to seek professional advice from a licensed therapist if you have any concerns or doubts about your psychological health.

The kind of coach you choose (life coach, career coach, business coach, etc.) depends on your specific goals. Many people think that all coaches are the same, but nothing could be further from the truth. Because choosing the right kind of coach is critical to your eventual success, we encourage you to learn more about the different kinds of coaches in our learning center.

Not at all! Most coaching is conducted over the phone or the internet. And because getting the right "fit" is so important in finding the right coach, we strongly encourage you to find the coach whose training, experience, and background closely match your specific goals. This might be someone who lives in your city, but may also be someone in a different town. Remember, it's finding the right coach, not the closest coach, that matters.

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